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We like to think Shalom Hotel is the perfect venue for the discerning couple looking for style, service, fine dining & wow-factor in bucketfuls, in our beautiful location. You have a choice of whole house takeovers, or book specific rooms for smaller, intimate weddings..

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Combined with the convenience, our training rooms can be configured to suit any kind of event. The rooms are also suitable for both large and small meetings, family dinners and weddings. Make your wishes known and we will help you to realize your event.

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We offer Perfect venue forBUSINESS

Our meeting rooms are comfortably appointed, and we have large conference rooms, which can accommodate up to 40 people. Of course, we are happy to arrange your meeting room according to the layout that best suits your objectives.

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We are glad that you are considering Shalom Hotel to celebrate your special day with family and friends. With highly experienced and professional team, we dedicate to shape your ideas into the wedding reception you have always dreamed of.

Our hotel has been a favourite venue for private parties and wedding receptions, with couples appreciating the combination of personal service, fine food and attention to detail. We appreciate that each wedding is unique, so whether you opt for one of our special all-inclusive packages or would like a bespoke package, we would be delighted to assist.

Finding a training room or meeting space with the right layout and location makes all the difference. Whether you need a more conventional classroom set-up, a board room or a collaborative configuration that promotes dialogue and brainstorming. Shalom Hotel is the ideal venue for you and your team.

Our creative training spaces offer a wide range of custom features to help facilitate effective brainstorming, team building and creative collaboration. Bespoke set-ups and quirky optional features including wipe board and flip charts ideal for creating your own vision.

If you are launching a new product and want your audience to be wowed by the whole experience of the event (just as much as the product itself), then you need to check out Shalom Hotel. With over 45 square meters of conference space, ShalomHotel provides optimal meeting conditions for organizing medium-scale events like company milestone celebration or product launch.

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“I experienced the fairytale wedding reception that I always dreamed of at Shalom, thanks to the staff and their five-star hospitality!”Marrion on TripAdvisor

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